3 Big Myths Script Consultants Love to Perpetuate

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Why script consultants hate script coverage

Script consultants are miffed. Some of them, at least. Because script coverage exists. And because screenwriters not only have a plethora of free feedback options (writers groups, online forums, etc.), they also have paid script coverage services like mine as … Read More

7 Must-Have Screenwriting iPhone Apps for Screenwriters

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man with old cell phone

A short list of essential screenwriting iPhone apps (and some for iPads as well) – apps which I believe should be a part of any discerning, elitist iPhone screenwriter’s library, if he or she hopes to continues to remain the better of, and more educated than, the peasants using all of those knuckle-dragging non-Apple devices.

Why Writing For Movies is Officially Dead

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pixels movie billboard

As I look on the works of Hollywood, (ye mighty and despair), I can’t help but weep, and I can’t help but laugh. Because from where I sit at my ergonomic standing desk, screenwriting appears to be simultaneously dying, yet … Read More

5 Reasons Screenwriters Should Watch The Superbowl

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Football player getting hit, saying "Oh goodie. An excuse for conversation."

The character of Dante Hicks from Clerks once said to his friend Randal: “You hate people!” To which Randal replied “But I love gatherings.” And I can’t think of a more appropriate description of my relationship to the Superbowl, and/or … Read More

Persistence: How to make it as a screenwriter

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Screenwriter Food Pyramid

Screenwriters are often malnourished. No, not in the food sense, but in the department of career orientation. Some ask “Can I make it as a screenwriter if I don’t live in LA?” (a question I answer in my article here). And … Read More

How to Be A Failed Screenwriter in 5 Quick Steps

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I hath 99 difficulties, nary a script amongst them.

When asked what was the best way for an aspiring starlet to get into Hollywood, the legendary Bette Davis once famously replied “Take Fountain.” Her advice remains evergreen today, only now there are also a myriad other ways for starlets and … Read More