Persistence: How to make it as a screenwriter

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Screenwriter Food Pyramid

Screenwriters are often malnourished. No, not in the food sense, but in the department of career orientation. Some ask “Can I make it as a screenwriter if I don’t live in LA?” (a question I answer in my article here). And … Read More

Set Etiquette for Screenwriters

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What screenwriters should and shouldn't do while on a film set

If you’re lucky/skilled/badass enough to have one of your screenplays optioned/bought and kicked into production, and if they’ve invited you to be a part of the experience of filming it, you might want to keep in mind, matey, the fact that thar be only a few things an on-set screenwriter is expected to actually, well, do.

Screenwriters Groups – Pro’s and Con’s

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The pros and cons of writers groups

I’m a huge fan of writers groups. Screenwriting, like all writing, is mostly a very lonely endeavor.  One woman.  One word processor.  Or two, if you’re collaborating.  But ironically, the end goal of all screenwriting has traditionally been a stack … Read More

Why Screenwriters Need to Move to LA

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Yeah, the world is shrinking, and yeah you can use Skype or Google Hangouts,  to communicate across the globe (or ICQ, or AIM, or HAM radio while you’re at it), but if you’re serious about screenwriting, you straight up need to move … Read More

The Top 5 Reasons Why Screenwriters Quit

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Why most screenwriters quit

As the owner of Screenplay Readers, interacting with dozens of writers on a daily basis, I’ve seen it time and time again – screenwriters simply giving up, and getting out of the business. It’s always a bit discouraging to see … Read More