Sexist Screenwriting – How To Write Females Like A Hack

B. O'MalleyLast updated: Screenwriting

If you’re like me, you want to see smart, capable, females up on that big screen. You want to see female characters through an accurate lens. To write in the dark, ignorant of 50% of the population just because that’s the way it’s always been, is no longer acceptable.

Free Script Feedback: Have only one name for each character

B. O'MalleyLast updated: Free Script Feedback

If I’m a producer looking to churn out an AFM style straight-to-DVD picture, I love the talking because it’s cheap to do, but I’m not gonna be able to sell this finished film to anybody unless I can get some gunplay, fucking, fights, or explosions in there before page 10.

Free Script Feedback: Letting the script reader trust you

B. O'MalleyLast updated: Free Script Feedback

I’m in good hands I can tell, because the writer uses the term “micro beer.” A minor thing for me to say, perhaps, but when I know the writer cares enough to use details like that, it tells me a lot about the character in one phrase: “He takes a pull of his micro beer.”