Script Coverage for Shorts and Treatments



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Script coverage for your short, sitcom or sitcom pilot, treatment, or any other work under 40 pages


  • (1) Logline 
  • (1) Script Reader’s Scoresheet  (How your script scores numerically in 22 specific areas, such as plot, conflict, character, etc.)
  • (1) Recommendation (Pass, Consider, or Recommend)
  • (1) Bechdel Test Score 
  • (1) Diversity Score 
No Synopsis
Please note: This service doesn’t include a synopsis, as (a) it can be problematic attempting to synopsize short material, and (b) synopses for short scripts and sitcoms aren’t of much value to our clients.
No Follow-Up Questions
Follow-Up Questions are not available for Script Coverage for Works Under 40 Pages.
For 40 pages or under ONLY
If your work is over 40 pages, no matter what form it’s in (play, teleplay, pilot, etc.), you’ll need to order our standard Script Coverage service.

General turnaround time for our script coverage service is approximately 3 days.  If you need your coverage back within 24 hours, please consider adding our 24-Hour Rush Service to your order.