Coverage for an Entire Series

    We’ll read your entire tv series or series of webisodes

    Email us for a quote


    Email us for a quote to read your entire series and provide coverage. Some clients prefer a script coverage for each individual episode while others prefer one single coverage providing feedback on the entire overall series. Please specify which you’d prefer when requesting a quote. 

    This service provides a read of your entire series by one script reader, plus coverage which includes the following:

    • Up to 8 Pages of Detailed Script Notes (Actionable suggestions and insightful comments on your what’s working in your script and what’s could use improvement)
    • (1) Logline 
    • (1) Synopsis of your script 
    • (1) Script Reader’s Scoresheet  (How your series scores numerically in 22 specific areas, such as plot, conflict, character, etc.)
    • (1) Recommendation (Pass, Consider, or Recommend)
    • (1) Bechdel Test Score
    • (1) Diversity Score 
    • (3) Follow-Up Questions with your Script Reader

    Sample Script Coverage