Script Formatting Service with Proofreading


Make sure your script looks its best before handing it to gatekeepers

While it’s true that no amazing screenplay will ever be circular-filed for a few typos, the more professional your screenplay looks, the higher your chances of an agent’s assistant or development executive “recommending it up the Hollywood food chain.”

And, frankly, there’s zero sense in sending your screenplay out to producers, agents, and contests if it’s full of typos which your Final Draft or other screenwriting app didn’t catch. We’ll put your script into proper screenplay format, as well as find and fix all errors — from punctuation to spelling to grammar — making it as polished as possible before you send it out to producers and agents.

Rates starting at $350. Scripts requiring more work will cost more. 

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What this service includes:
Fixes to punctuation and spelling

Putting the script into proper industry-standard script format (including proper elements, margins, fonts, font styles, font sizes, and line spacing)

Creating a simple title page with title and writer name only

Delivering the formatted and proofread script file to you as a Fadein file, Final Draft file, RTF file (for import into Microsoft Word and other apps), and PDF

What this service does NOT include:

Correcting errors due to substandard English translation or dialect problems

Rewriting any part of script at all for any reason, whether that’s to fix translation problems, improve clarity, or otherwise

Providing suggestions or notes on how to improve the script with regards to story, characters, etc. 

Formatting the script for production or retaining any existing revision marks, notes, scene numbers, etc. 

Maximum 120 pages. We will provide service for your script if it’s over 120 pages, but we must charge a higher rate

Compare to other companies:
Name Cost Turnaround Specializes in screenplays? Deliver as FADEIN, FDX, RTF, and PDF?
Screenplay Readers $350 7 days Yes. Yes.
Papertrue $539 10 days No. No.
300 Editors $879 2 weeks No. No.
Super Screenplays $399 12 days Yes No.

When ready to send us your script, please send an editable file format, such as FadeIn Pro, Screenwriter, Final Draft, or Microsoft Word.