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Script coverage on your script from 3 different professional script readers

You’ll receive three (3) different script reads and script coverages from three different script readers, each with a different perspective, different life experience, and different tastes in film and tv. Cross reference their notes to find patterns in what areas they think are working in your script and what areas they think might need more attention on the next draft.

  • Up to 24 total pages of detailed Script Notes — From three different readers (Actionable suggestions and insightful comments on your what’s working in your script and what’s could use improvement)
  • (1) Logline 
  • (1) Synopsis of your script 
  • (3) Script Reader’s Scoresheets  (How your script scores numerically in 22 specific areas, such as plot, conflict, character, etc.)
  • (3) Recommendations (Pass, Consider, or Recommend)
  • (3) Bechdel Test Scores 
  • (3) Diversity Scores
  • (9) Follow-Up Questions with your Script Readers

PLUS (Only included with the 3-Reader Service:)

  • FREE Watermarking and password protection for your script PDF file (OPTIONAL)
  • FREE Vaulting of your Script and Coverage – we keep your script file backed up on our secure server for up to 10 years (OPTIONAL)

Sample Script Coverage
Note: The coverage of your second and third readers will not include a logline or synopsis.


If your script is over 120 pages, please make sure you order our Oversized Script Fee in addition to this service. 


General turnaround time for our script coverage service is approximately 3 days.  If you need your coverage back within 24 hours, please consider adding our 24-Hour Rush Service to your order.

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