Follow-Up Questions

If you have specific questions for your reader(s), you can send them in here, and your reader(s) will reply.

10-Day Max / Not Available for Shorts

Any follow-up questions for Short Coverage orders, or questions sent in more than 10 days after we’ve sent your coverage/notes may not be replied to.

Follow-Up Question Terms

1) Any follow-up questions sent in more than 10 days after we’ve sent your coverage/notes will not be answered. Our readers read many many scripts per week, and simply cannot remember the details of each, nor their commentary/critique. We feel, and we hope you agree, that setting a 10-day limit to the follow-up questions is fair to both our client and our readers.

2) Non-Questions – Non-specific questions, comments, and non-questions, as well as any question regarding your order details, prices, or purchase, or anything else outside of the reader’s purview will not receive a reply.

3) Please allow up to 5 business days for your reader(s)’ reply. If a reader is not available, we’ll let you know, and we’ll get your questions to them as soon as they’re back.

4) 3 Questions Only – Our readers are obligated to answer three questions and three questions only. If you pack multiple questions into each of your main 3 questions below, the reader has the right to pick any 3, from your entire list of questions.

5) To follow up with multiple readers, submit this form once for each reader. (e.g. to ask 3 questions of 3 readers, submit this form 3 times. Once per reader.)

6) The best way to get good follow-up answers from your reader(s) that can help your script or your project more is to focus on the larger issues or problems; not the nitpicky stuff.

7) If you have fewer than 3 follow-up questions, that’s okay. Just leave the other questions blank.

8) Please do not include any contact information or personal information.