Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order service?

Simply pick a service from our list of services and add that service to your cart. Then after you check out, send us your screenplay via our Upload page and we’ll get started.

How long does it take?

script chick with clipboard

Our turnaround time ranges anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending on how many scripts are ahead of yours in our readers’ work queue. If you need your coverage/notes back to you within 24 hours, guaranteed, you can always add Rush Service to any order. That way, we can bump your order ahead of non-rush orders.

Can I pick a specific reader to read my script?

Yes! Our script readers work on their own schedules, which can vary wildly. As such, we charge an additional fee for Script Reader Requests. You can check out our available readers, as well as their bios, favorite films, and favorite genres on our About Us page.

Do you charge extra for scripts over 120 pages?

We do. We add our Oversized Script Fee if your script is over 120 pages.

Does Screenplay Readers provide script coverage for tv pilots, sitcoms, and one-hour tv shows?

Yes. All of our services encompass tv script and film scripts alike.

Do you have special rates for 1-hour tv, pilots, 1/2 hour tv, etc?

No. Our services are priced according to page count and number of readers.

What is script coverage?

Script coverage is a “book report” on your screenplay that’s typically a few pages long and consists of 3 parts: (a) the basic information about the script (author, genre, page count, logline, etc.), (b) a brief synopsis of the film, and (c) a comments / analysis section, containing a script reader’s comments on the screenplay’s strengths and weaknesses. Some coverages may also include a rating or scoring section which numerically scores the script in various categories (plot, conflict, character, etc.) It must be noted that script coverage styles and formats vary wildly. Almost every studio or agency does them differently. For more, read the Wikipedia entry here.

Is script coverage necessary?

No. But as you probably already know, the playing field for first-time screenwriters, or even journeyman screenwriters, is extremely tilted in favor of established screenwriters. With agents. Even if your screenplay is perfect, a spec script from an unknown screenwriter is an almost impossible sell, because you’re up against screenwriters that are already entrenched, with long track records, and close relationships with agents and producers.

Every single line on every single page of your script needs to not only entertain an agency, studio, or producer, but also convince them (a) that you know your craft, (b)  you have great ideas that are artistic and/or marketable, and (c) you’re a talent worth taking a chance on.  Short of that critical trifecta, your script has little chance.

Receiving script coverage from allows you to test your script, by giving it a “dry run” to get an idea how a real agency/producer reader would react to your screenplay, giving you an opportunity to make fixes to your screenplay before submitting it for real.

Feedback on your screenwriting can take many forms, and not all of them cost money. We list a few pros and cons to paying for script coverage in our blog post here.

Will I know who is reading my script?

Yep. Check them out on our About Us page for their names, bios, and favorite genres and films. We’re all experienced working screenwriters, story analysts, development execs, producers, directors, and/or filmmakers working in the film industry.  Unlike some of our imitators, we don’t have interns reading your script, we don’t hire college students, and we’re not a one-man show.

If my script receives a “RECOMMEND” will you pass it on to your “film industry contacts?”

No. And you might want to be wary of any service that promises to do this.

When I send in my screenplay for coverage, will my material and ideas be safe?

Absolutely. Your script remains 100% confidential. Your script will be read by our reader and that’s it.  Many companies that read scripts professionally demand that you fill out a script release form before they read your script, but that’s to protect them; not you

When I pay for script coverage service, will my personal information be safe?

We use some of the world’s biggest, most trustworthy payment gateways to safely and securely process our customers’ payments. What’s more, our entire website is encrypted with SHA-256 RSA SSL encryption, so you can rest assured that your transaction and your information will be 100% secure.  

What are your office hours?

We’re open Monday through Friday 9-5PM. But we also pop into the office on Saturday from 9AM-12 Noon Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California). Our analyst team reads on weekends, but the office staff is out of the office. If you order your screenplay coverage after business hours, it will be assigned to one of our script analysts as soon as we’re back in the office. Similarly, if the script analyst turns in your coverage after business hours, we’ll get that coverage to you once we open. We’re closed on all major holidays, and any minor ones we feel we can get away with (hooray for Canadian Thanksgiving!)