What does Hollywood even want?

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Screenwriting

Hollywood sign with question mark at the end

What kinds of screenplays does Hollywood want? What screenplays are getting made? We can tell you this much: agents and producers are looking for three key elements in scripts right now…

Stop Telling Me Your Characters Are Attractive

Joel FishbaneLast updated: Screenwriting

Tom is attractive. Beatrice is beautiful. Their dentist is gorgeous. Their mail-carrier is a MILF. Having read hundreds of scripts in my career as a script reader, I’ve encountered these sentences and many others like them. In the world according … Read More

Screenplay Readability — A Few Quick Tips

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Screenwriting

Marilyn Monroe with script asking "Some like it what? I'm so confused."

Script readers read scripts. A lot of scripts. Sometimes a reader at my company will chew through 10 or more in a week. (Overall at Screenplay Readers, we’ve read over 21,000 scripts since 1999.) But what is it like for … Read More

Screenwriter Networking – The Basic Do’s and Don’t’s

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Screenwriting

people at Hollywood party saying "I love Hollywood parties because everybody's so talented."

Screenwriter networking is absolutely essential to any screenwriter’s career. People knowing people, referring people, befriending people — without any exaggeration, this is how films and television get made in the film industry. Once more for emphasis: meeting and working with film … Read More

Five Ways to Write Better Female Characters

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Screenwriting

Photo of disassembled female mannequin that reads "Jane - Jack's dream girl, hot but she doesn't know it"

Writing female characters seems to be a difficult thing to do for most screenwriters and tv writers. Bad female characters seem to be the rule rather than the exception. But there are writers working hard to change this paradigm, by … Read More

What Playing D&D Can Teach Screenwriters

C. E. TuckerLast updated: Screenwriting

Image of gaming dice with text that reads "Writers block? Take two of these and call me in the morning."

Screenwriting and Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). What possibly could a roleplaying game have in common with the century-old art and craft of writing a screenplay for film or television? What on Middle Earth could these two worlds have in common? Believe … Read More