What does Hollywood even want?

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Screenwriting

Hollywood sign with question mark at the end

What kinds of screenplays does Hollywood want? What screenplays are getting made? We can tell you this much: agents and producers are looking for three key elements in scripts right now…

Stop Telling Me Your Characters Are Attractive

Joel FishbaneLast updated: Screenwriting

Tom is attractive. Beatrice is beautiful. Their dentist is gorgeous. Their mail-carrier is a MILF. Having read hundreds of scripts in my career as a script reader, I’ve encountered these sentences and many others like them. In the world according … Read More

Screenplay Readability — A Few Quick Tips

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Screenwriting

Marilyn Monroe with script asking "Some like it what? I'm so confused."

Script readers read scripts. A lot of scripts. Sometimes a reader at my company will chew through 10 or more in a week. (Overall at Screenplay Readers, we’ve read over 21,000 scripts since 1999.) But what is it like for … Read More

The Script Coverage Buyer’s Guide

Screenplay ReadersLast updated: Script Coverage 101

woman with shopping cart and title reads "script coverage buyer's guide"

Script coverage, in a nutshell, is really just a short document that offers an opinion on a screenplay. When script coverage is good, it offers helpful suggestions and pulls no punches with its critique, and the writer or filmmaker receiving … Read More